Renovations Prior to Sale

In many cases, it can be beneficial to make minor cosmetic renovations before placing your home on the market. I have the contacts and expertise to plan, manage, and implement high ROI upgrades.

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Develop a plan to get the highest sales price, using effective renovations.

Project management - working with contractors to get the job done.

If right for your home, each $1 spent can generate $2-$3 increase in sales price.

Your Project Manager

Often clients want to sell their homes "as-is", without any cosmetic upgrades. While this is easier, you may be leaving money on the table. Easy cosmetic upgrades such as new paint, floors, kitchen cabinets, handles/knobs, etc. can add additional equity and boost the value of your home prior to sale.

Before selling a property, I will assess and develop a plan in order to maximize your selling price. For example, $1000 spent on new paint could easily add $5000 of value to an older home. I've been able to help my clients build thousands of dollars of equity through this process!

I take the pressure off of my clients by handling the planning, accounting, and contracting work. This is a pain-free way to get more money in your pocket from any home sale. As your listing agent, all these services are included!

Some of my past renovation work for clients